IBiS company

Company Overview

Intbis is an independent, privately owned European company specialising in Knowledge Based and Risk Management consultancy and system development with offices in Oxford, Genova and Warsaw.

Since its formation in 1990, Intbis has established a reputation for excellence in turning research results into innovative commercial technologies and has been awarded a number of major research and development contracts. Our research concepts are then systematically transformed to state-of-the-art software products that benefit our clients.

A broad spectrum of technology and application areas have benefited from our work, including :

knowledge based and expert systems,

risk assessment and limitation,

computer-aided process modelling and simulation,

business process design and development, and

contractual document management.

As professionals, we strive to lead the industry in technology development through advanced scientific research and convert our research results into products that benefit our clients. We use our experience in software development, design, and process improvement strategies to generate cost-effective results for our clients.

Our systems have been used for calculating all of the NHS pension awards, estimates and subsequent updates to these by the NHS Pensions Agency since 1992. We estimate that they have handled over 10 million benefit award, estimate and associated calculations.

For more over fifteen years, we at Intbis have worked with clients to improve their businesses by providing the right combination of tools, methodologies, and support at each phase of their project.