IFFI - Intbis flex frames interface
Intbis flex frames (graphic) interface (iffi)
now with XML and KSL output
Iffi documentation has a detailed account.

Iffi is a graphic modeling tool which allows you to rapidly and safetly build frame heirarchies within the LPA flex environment.
A frame is similar to an object, it is a data structure which allows modelling of real-world data objects. Frames are analogous to records within a database but are more powerful and expressive. Each frame has a name, details of its parent(s) and slots or attributes which contain values.

Iffi produces executable flex code as well as both XML and KSL text output, which can be used in semantic and rule-based applications.
The XML file which is prodcued can be displayed with a style sheet of your own design making the resulting file both versatile and explicit. A defualt style sheet is provided which displays the data in a web browser in a structured KSL text format.

Iffi provides a strong metaphor for constructing semantic frame and network based applications.
A semantic network or net is a representation of knowledge in connected nodes and arcs. Here, the nodes are frames which contain much more information than a simple diagram, including the relations between the frames and any other information pertinent to that node. They can then be used to determine what can be said about the domain and to construct rules about it.

for example we can show that John is a person who can make an application for benefits of Job Seeker's Allowance, Retirement Pension or for Home Help services

useful - as a productivity tool
- for code generation
- you can edit the file off-line and reload into the tool

It's an easy to use data modeling tool which allows you to rapidly construct frame heirarchies and generate useable code in terms of the LPA flex expert system toolkit. Loading the tool will produce the dialog screen (left), with the following controls :

framecreate a frame.
link create a link between parent and children frames for inheritence
values create default values of a frame.
re-position move the visual location of a frame in the graphic area
refreshrefresh the graphic area e.g. if you create a frame or link programmatically.
closecloses the dialog
file menusave the frame hierarchy, links and values to a text. XML or KSL file

Example - Creating a frame
click "frame" button
type in the frame name
left click to locate the frame

For more detail, please see the document IFFI